Thursday, August 28, 2008

what is going on.....

Yesterday I wrote about baking cupcakes, or muffins as we call them. For fun I looked both words up in Wikipedia. If you want to see what is said about each word click cupcake or muffins to have a look. If you are interested in my recipe, please leave a comment to tell me. I may share it with you all. Stay tuned to see if it happens.......

My new bloggy friend Shelly has a giveaway running. She is giving away a few of her new pattern Swirly Cupcake. If you want to join, please go to her blog and post a comment before the end of august. I for sure want one, and I think there might be one comming my way.

Not too much sewing done, but I`ve soon finished the quilting of another tablerunner like this one. Another one, this time using blues instead of reds, is cut and waiting by the sewing machine. I can almost hear the crying; "please finish me, please hurry up".... Here`s a pic:

This little wall hanging is waiting to be finished too. Some days ago I went to my local shop Sy-Sammen hoping to find the right fabric for the binding. Came home with a couple, but I`m not sure any of them is the right one. I`ll have a closer look into it when I`ve washed the fabrics. May be I will ask for your help, if I can`t figure out wich one to choose. Here`s a picture of the wall hanging. The colours are not quite right, but they`re better in the second picture (scroll down)

And a closer look.

I`m not much into knitting at the time, but when I found these cuties in Syersken`s blog I had to go to Dansk Mohair to find out more. Their internet pages are written in danish, not in english, but they have some beautiful and inspiring pictures if you want to take a look anyway. I ended up ordering the pattern and yarn in these four colours. I don`t know who will get them, but some day I`ll find someone to give them to. I have two brothers (age 37 and 33) but I think I`ll be a grandmother before I`ll be an aunt. (My daughter is 18 and just started her last year in college, and no boyfriend around.)

Hope to see you soon.

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