Monday, September 1, 2008

Lucky girl

I seem to be a lucky girl these days. Think I may have to buy some lottery tickets or something.

Kari celebrated her 200 post with a giveaway. And I won this:

Now I will have something warm to put in my car seat in winter. Or to bring with me when I go for a long walk. Thank you very much Kari, what a nice gift.

Sonya on Giggle Buttons Blog also had a giveaway, and I was picked out together with Linda and Pat. Thank you Sonya for giving all three of us the pattern for this little cutie:

I`haven`t been doing a lot of stitching yet, but I`ve tried it and think it`s fun. Here is a picture of my first stitchery, still not finished. Kristin Langebraaten has designed this Santa Mouse and his girl friend (below). I plan to finish both of them before christmas. I`m still not sure what to do with them, but may be two small wallhangings is the right thing.... Do you have any other suggestion? Feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea what to do.

I have been kniting a little lately too. When I saw this post I fell in love, and had to find out where to buy the pattern. When it arrived I was not able to wait, but had to start ASAP. Been knitting during the weekend, this is how fare I came. Had to do some washing too. Yesterday afternoon my parents stopped by on their way back home. They had visited my brother this weekend. He lives in the countryside a few miles outside Oslo.

Next time I hope to have something finished to show you. Untill then take care.


Kari said...

God å varme rumpa på, ja ;-)

Lett å strikke, men no' dritt å få all loa ut av vaskemaskinen etterpå...

Anonymous said...

Well you are so lucky,
I also think the wall hanging is a good idea, as im making my stitching angel i have just done into a wall hanging
Great stitching