Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A little email conversation

Til mine norske lesere;
jeg håper dere tilgir at jeg bare skriver engelsk i dag. Teksten kommer fra en "epost-samtale" jeg hadde med Fiona etter at jeg la igjen en hilsen på hennes innlegg. Fiona hadde en "utlodning"/giveaway og da måtte jeg jo melde min interesse, hihi. Kunne jo hende jeg kunne vinne, "for engangs skyld", lol lol.

Some days ago I had a little email-chat with Fiona. I left a comment on her post about a giveaway, as you may know I often win giveaways I enter. Here is our little conversation:

This is the comment I left on Fionas post "Time for a giveaway":
Hi Fiona,I would love to win this magazine, please. I don`t think I`ve got any Australian mag`s yet.

Fiona answered:
Good Luck in my giveaway..... It would be nice for it to go Overseas to you lovely girls that don’t see them all the time.

I wrote:
You might as well pick my name right away, thee hee,..... I`m in the habit of winning nearly every giveaway I enter. Take a look at my blog to see what I`ve won lately.
I wish you good luck with the draw. Though I would love to win the magazine I hope you pick another person. It would be a bit embarrasing if I`m the winner. My friends, The Sewing Sisters, gives me a hard time when we meet because I win all these giveaways, and because I win our little lottery too often.

Fiona wrote:
I loved your email to me so I drew a second prize just for you. I’ll get another Magazine off to you too.
Let me know your mailing address and I’ll get it sent to you this week.
Do you have a preference...... Quilting, Handmade, Stitching..... I’ll find something for you I’m sure.

Laila wrote:
Thank you, I love to have a magazine and I love surprises. I`ll be happy whatever you send me.

Fiona wrote:
I thought your begging was very funny, I couldn’t resist but to give you a prize too.....
So when is your giveaway ?????
Maybe something that you have won, but didn’t like. Ha ha hahahahahah

I guess you all understand we were both having fun, my kids asked why I was laughing so loud when I read Fionas last email.

Speaking of magazines, I`ve bought some during winter and spring, I will show you some of them (or may be all) in another post. Here`s a picture to show them all:

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Anonymous said...

Now I'm laughing out loud at work... LOL!
Sorry I haven't managed to get anything out to you yet? let me get over this long weekend and I'll get back to you.
We are crazy out here in blogland aren't we. My kids don't understand it all either.
ps. A UK lady asked for something too, so you have definately started something with your begging.